Create a Virtual Windows Domain with Virtual DMZ (Part 3)

For part 3 of my virtual network I have created an IIS Web Server hosting an old dating web site I wrote many years ago. The web server runs on another Windows XP machine (SP3).

It runs on top of MySQL Server 5.5. The MySQL Server runs on 64 Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop.

For the time being both the IIS Web Server and Ubuntu machine run on the same network. In part 4 of the network build I will move the web server into a screen subnet DMZ where it will contact the MySQL Server.

The network now looks like this

Install MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu 12.04
1. Open a Terminal Window in Ubuntu
2. Type this command sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.5
3. Enter your password to authenticate, and apt will download the MySQL files and install them on your Ubuntu machine. Just a note, you will be asked for your MySQL root password during this process
4. When the installer finishes you are returned to the command line
5. Type the following command to activate MySQL sudo mysql_install_db
6. Type the following command to tighten the security settings on your MySQL database sudo mysql_secure_installation
7. MySQL is up and running.
6. Here are some pointers to getting started with your MySQL installation
7. One point here, in part 4 I will be accessing MySQL remotely. This will mean giving whatever database user you are using to connect to the database special privileges. I’ll go through this in the next post


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